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    It is an online service that connects people to lawyers. We do not provide legal services; legal representation; legal advice or lawyer referral services. We bridge the gap between you and lawyers so that it is easier for you to find the lawyer you need.

    Two ways to start are – Get registered or contact our free admin services.

    You get the chance to choose from a list of verified and experienced lawyers based on their areas of practice and choose how and when you would like to interact with them. So it is easier to select the lawyer that best meet your needs. You are also able to purchase every aspect of legal services you need at a specified fee. No surprises with legal fee.

    Online payment facilities are available. You are able to pay with credit cards or debit card. You can request bank account details if you prefer to pay by bank-to-bank transfer.

    This site has registered lawyers regulated by the Law Society of their province, state and country. We ensure that a lawyer is registered with the relevant Law Society or professional body and of good standing before inclusion in the Allways Legal database of lawyers. We run a check and vet all lawyers you see on this site. Every communication through this site is private and confidential.

    It is simple. Just contact us with details of who to pay and when to pay. Allways Legal is able to receive your money on trust and disburse it according to your instructions.

    Yes, Allways Legal can help. Send us details of what you want to buy online and make the payment to us and we pay for the goods for you. We can receive it and send to you if the seller does not dispatch to your country.

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